RumaJapara creative workshop was established in 2015 with a mission to preserve the legacy of Indonesian local wisdom that has been living in Jepara for hundred years. Jepara, a small city in Central Java, is well known as the centre of wood furniture both locally and internationally.

The craftsmanship inherited from generation to generation is inseparable from Jepara people’s way of life. But, recently this craftsmanship has slowly begun to fade. RumaJapara together with local craftsman ,mastering the knowledge of woods and carving, started the humble workshop to share the knowledge for people who loves working and designing with carving with the traditional skill and motif or go further to contemporary approach.

Generally we have 2 types of courses. The first one is ‘INGGIL ‘. This course is designed for people who want to bring the heritage as part of their design works. There are two themes, Traditional and Contemporary. Each theme is divided into 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advance.

The second one, is ‘SENANG’, this course is designed for people who want to learn the heritage at a glance. There is one day creative workshop and 4 days creative workshop.